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How to make good coffee is something worth knowing. It doesn't seem to be so easy for everyone though - let's be honest. How often does it happen you go to a restaurant and have a decent meal, but the coffee is a major let down? It happens a lot! Often the coffee is weak and tasteless, or it has been sitting there, warmed up for a long time, with the result of it tasting the way old shoes smell.

Use whole coffee beans - don't use pre-ground coffee, ground your own for best results. Our favorite coffee right now is Cameron's Organic French Roast.

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We have a growing collection of Coffee Drink Recipes - check them out! You can make really tasty drinks from coffee, cold as well as hot drinks. Some of the recipes have alcohol in them.

If you have a great recipe you would like published on this website, let us know and we will add it to our recipe collection!

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Our Latest Coffee Drink Recipe:

Steps to brewing great coffee

  1. Use good quality coffee, freshly roasted and freshly ground
  2. Use fresh, clean, cold water. Filtered or bottled water works well, but avoid distilled or softened water.
  3. The grind chosen must be of the correct fineness for the chosen brewing method.
  4. The pot must be cleaned and warm.
  5. Make only enough coffee for your immediate needs. The coffee will deteriorate if you keep it too long. Avoid reheating coffee, it just doesn't taste the same.
  6. Avoid boiling brewed coffee - it is a sure way to spoil the coffee.
  7. Use approximately 70 grams of coffee per litre of water. Learn more about the correct Coffee to water ratio.

Make good tasting coffee

We are here to help you get some ideas on making good tasting coffee. If you have some good tips you want to share, please contact us. See our tips for making coffee page for suggestions our readers have sent us.

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Making Great Tasting Coffee

There are several ways and equipment to brew coffee, and each method requires the right type of coffee grind for the equipment. Make sure you know the difference between grinders, and do use the best coffee grinder you can afford.

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  • Look around in quality stores and coffee shops. Tell them your preference in flavor, and you stand a better chance of finding the right kind for you.
  • Grind only the proper amount. If the brewing process is quick, the grind should be fine; if the process takes more time, the grind should be more coarse. Only grind as much coffee as you will immediately use.
  • Brew it directly after you grind it. The flavors disappear quickly after the coffee has been grounded. You should brew it as soon as you can.
  • Drink it directly after you brew it. Coffee tastes best when it is fresh. The longer it sits, the more bitter it gets. Reheating coffee is a big no-no.
  • Drink it straight. Sugar, milk or cream really ruins the flavor of the coffee. If you must have these additions in your coffee, chances are you have never experienced really good coffee!

Coffee Maker Maintenance

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How to you clean your coffee maker? In order to be able to keep making good coffee, do this every month:

  1. In case you have a built-in filter, take it out.
  2. Fill your carafe with water and add two tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. Pour the mixture of water and vinegar into the coffee maker and turn on the coffee maker.
  4. Let it brew halfway through the brewing cycle and stop the machine for about 15 minutes. Resume the brewing process and let the brewing finish.
  5. Now, rinse the carafe out and brew plain water through the system - twice. Rinse out the carafe, and you're now all done!

Troubleshooting Coffee

Does your coffee taste bad? Is it bitter? There are several possible reasons why the coffee doesn't taste right. Here are some possible solutions to common coffee problems.

  • Stale coffee beans or stale grounds? This is a recipe for bitter coffee. Get fresh coffee!
  • A dirty pot? An unclean coffee pot makes bitter coffee. Follow the coffee maker cleaning instructions above.
  • Poor wather quality? Typical city water may lead to bitter tasting coffee. Use clean water if possible.
  • Using an incorrect ratio of coffee grounds to water? If the ratio isn't right, the coffee can turn bitter, or make the coffee taste like nothing.