Coffee Grinder Reviews

Choosing The Best Coffee Grinder

We all know that in order to make the best tasting coffee, we need to use a quality coffee grinder. Before a good cup of coffee is brewed, we grind some coffee beans just prior to brewing. This way the aroma and flavour from the bean is greatly preserved. There are a certain amount of natural oils in coffee, and by grinding the beans just before brewing, we prevent these oils from disappearing. If you buy a can of ground coffee, you get a similar quality of coffee, but the ground coffee quickly begins to lose the oils after the can has been opened. If you use a coffee grinder, this is no longer a problem.

What kind of grinder should I get?

The main two types of coffee grinders are the burr and steel blade grinders. The more expensive kind would be the burr grinders, although they may make a better cup of coffee. Moreover, in the long run, a burr grinder will most likely last the longest which is important because repeated calls to PartSelect for replacement parts can get pricey. Most manufacturers sell both kind of grinders in order to suit their customers' needs. A common brand that often get good reviews in both categories of grinders is Braun. They have been around for a long time and they make several good models.

Burr Grinders

The kind of grinder that tend to get the best reviews is the burr coffee bean grinder. Because the burr grinder has a grinding process that results in less heat, the end result is more flavour. The degree of grind fineness can be adjusted on burr grinders which means you can easily get the ground consistency you are after. There usually is a range of the amount of grind fineness a burr grinder produces, so some burr gringers may be better for an espresso machine while others may be more suitable for a traditional drip coffee maker. When you buy a grinder, go to a place where you can talk to a knowledgable person and make sure you get the right grinder for your needs.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders use steel blades and the use electric motors to grind the coffee beans. How find the grind will be is determined by how long you let the machine run during the grinding process. This process create more heat, and this can results in a loss of flavour and aroma of your freshly grounded coffee. The reason blade grinders are quite popular is because they cost less than the burr grinders, and you will often see blade grinders in homes and offices.

Brewing coffee without paper filters

When you are brewing your freshly ground beans, you may want to avoid using paper filters. The paper itself can produce a bitter aftertaste which ruins the good flavour of the fresh beans. If you have no other option but to use paper filters , try rinsing the filter with water before brewing. The rinsing of the paper filter before brewing may help prevent this bitter aftertaste.